Treats, chews, toys & more!

A mystery box full of goodies for your fur family

All the good stuff!

 Monthly Paks of treats, toys, chews & other surprise goodies for your pet rats and guinea pigs.

Variety is the spice of life!

Receive an assortment of fun products every month to keep your fur family mentally stimulated and lovin' life.

Reserve yours today!

RatPaks ship out on the third Wednesday of every month and are only available in limited supply. Once we sell out, that's it for the month! 

Cancel at anytime

Easily cancel or pause your subscription at anytime online after creating an account. 

How It Works

1. Join

Signing up for RatPak takes seconds! Join now to receive a box full of tasty goodies for your fur family. 

2. Receive

You'll receive your Pak before the end of the month! RatPaks ship out on the third Wednesday of every month with a 2-3 day transit time.

3. Enjoy

Get ready to have a blast with your furry friends!  Unbox, and enjoy all the new treats and toys :)

What's inside a RatPak?

Well, that's a mystery! Every month, we handpick an assortment of healthy treats, fun toys, entertaining chews & comfy fleece designs to keep your fur family as happy as can be. Check out RatPak's Instagram and Facebook pages for pictures of previous Paks!


Rats RAVE for #RatPak!

"Every month I get a box full of different treats & chews and it keeps getting better! "

"I only share my Pak when my human makes me.  More RatPaks please!"

"RatPak's goodies keeps me and my sisters happy while we're hanging out in our cage. Thanks RatPak!"